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How Do I Optimize My CRM System?

Speaker: Jonathan Schloo


Transform Your CRM :: Part 4


0:20 – What’s His CRM Secret?

Warren Buffet and CRM

So, speaking of efficiency, I’ve worked with Warren’s companies in the U.S. and I learned a number of key things. I’m going to share some of those with you today.

0:42 – What I Learned Delivering CRM to Warren Buffet’s Companies

What I learned from delivering CRM to Warren Buffet’s companies is the following.

Number one, he measures everything and calculates return-on-investment before investing. If you don’t think about the return-on-investment, it has no framework. Your CRM project has no framework. Many times I give the example that getting a CRM system is like buying an industrial building or a piece of equipment for the office, it’s all about improving efficiency and cost. Without looking at the framework of where you’re going to save money and where you’re going win, it’s just a cost. Is $1 too much? Is $1000 too much? Is $100,000 or is a million too much? Without that framework of what you’re going to save, it’ll go nowhere.

Second, I learned a key thing. They created a sales summary tab. I know some of you are in the construction material business here so this story is very applicable. They created a sales summary tab and the sales summary tab gives people in customer service or in sales an idea, as they’re talking to end-users or to their clients, it gives them an idea of how that customer is trending across five major product areas, for example. So they can see the current year, the previous year, are they going up, are they doing down, how’s it happening. And the magic in doing that is bringing that right to the front of the screen in CRM, not having to jump to another back-end system and take a customer number and look it up, because they don’t do that. You won’t get the same kind of value. That was a key thing.

2:15 – What I Learned Delivering CRM to Warren Buffet’s Companies (continued)

What I learned delivering CRM

Working together with one of their divisions, we increased rep productivity and profit by 17% for three years straight. We did a CRM audit which basically blends your existing business expertise with our technical expertise to increase sales and customer service efficiency. So, our job is to take technology and apply it to your business problems to help you. Send me an email afterwards and I’ll get you a copy of our new sales management technology report to help you get it done right.