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How Do I Optimize My CRM System?

Speaker: Jonathan Schloo


Transform Your CRM :: Part 5


0:10 – Before Staggering Costs of Data Silo

Before :: Staggering costs of Data Silo

So, we call them data silos. Has anyone heard of data silos? Does that ring a bell? Okay, data silos are anything where information is not in one place. So, like an Excel spreadsheet. Oh, we need a Christmas card list. Great, let’s just click a button, let’s create this Excel spreadsheet. Great, we need to track the bonus numbers. We need to do a customer list for a trade show. All these things become data silos and that’s a really big problem. In addition to that, you also have things like account management, sales forecasting, customer service, marketing, all with their own databases.

So when we went into one of Warren Buffet’s companies, we found that they had overflowing Outlook boxes. One of their biggest problems is they were constantly bumping up against their Outlook or Exchange limits. Does anyone ever do that? Do you ever bump up against your limits? That’s because without a CRM system, one person gets an email and what do they do? They read it and then they forward it to seven other people, FYI. Great. All those other seven people, they read it and they drag it to their client folder. So you’ve just, in that one instance—and this happens hundreds of times a day—in that one instance, all these people have now just increased the demand on your Exchange server and on your email and infrastructure without needing to. In addition to, maybe those people really needed to see that email; maybe they didn’t, right? One of the biggest wins when we rolled this out to Warren Buffet’s company, the users went into their folders and they started dragging big folders of client files into CRM and deleting them out of Exchange. All of a sudden they had room and it was great. And the information was in the right spot. And when they dragged it in, it came in and it was time and date stamped with the correct time and date and who it was from and everything. So all of that useless information that was in islands, was now consolidated in one spot. And that’s a key thing because it reduces the duplicate back and forth.

2:28 – After CRM Is the Glue That Connects Your Team

After :: CRM is the glue that connects your team

Afterwards, CRM becomes the glue that ties your organization together. Done right, CRM should be what’s called the second app of the day. What’s the first thing you open whenever you walk in and you open your computer in the morning? What’s the first thing you open? Email, right, everyone does. CRM, done right, is the second app of the day. You open that and you ideally should be able to do customer service in there, look at the sales numbers if you need those, track your information, track where the status of issues are, all those kinds of things right in the CRM.