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Bread Crumb

Web CRM can keep detailed records of your contacts and accounts, help you and your employees share opportunities and collaborate with co-workers, with its help you can create events such as meetings and tasks, and you can also easily add notes to everything you want in just a few clicks.

With web based CRM you can manage your leads and convert them into opportunities, streamline sales and marketing processes, control permissions for all of data and access a history of account interactions.

Web based CRM has a lot of advantages. First of all, no need to worry about servers and such things: you and your company doesn’t need to buy servers anymore, no expensive software either, no backup solutions to pay for and no other expenses. You can focus on selling and leave the rest to the company that provides you the web based CRM.

Another benefit of a web CRM that it is simple: simple to use and simple to rely on. The clean user-interface provides for rapid learning curve, which means that you won’t have to worry about training at all. You can get started using Magna CRM without hours of training, which not only saves a lot of energy, but also saves you money. Your employees will be just as grateful for this as you. There are enough programs and software out there that require a lot of training and that are difficult to use, but most web based CRM applications were made to be easy to use, to make work easier and not more complicated.

Many people like web CRM software because it is affordable, often much cheaper than other CRM programs. This is mainly due to the fact that you are not bound by any long, yearly contracts. You have the flexibility of paying low rated monthly, quarterly or yearly, which is better for your company. If you want you can make longer contracts and save money, but if you are just in the beginning and you want to try the program, you can also choose to ay for the ours. With web based CRM you will save money also because you won’t get charged for more than you use the program. You will only have to pay for actually using it.

Finally, if any issues arise you can always count on the free support the web CRM in question provides. All technical questions are answered by professionals. Support is free and updates are included, which means that no matter what question you have you can get answer right away without any charge.