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Bread Crumb

Do you know the scale of potential business leads that you are missing out by not being #1? We help businesses increase their sales by gaining more Internet visibility through higher placement in search engines. Search Engine domination can be achieved through a variety of techniques, it is not just about being at the top of the Google search engine, Yahoo searching, and or MSN Live search engine – it is about domination – about getting the clicks and then about turning visitors into customers.

    Search Engine Optimization

      • Search engine optimization is the combination of multiple skillsets driven by the goal of delivering the most relevant, useful, respected information to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN Live.

    Custom Website Programming

      • Website Programming is one of the backbone skills required to develop highly ranked in search engine website pages. Not all website programmers are created equal, the creation of clean, clutter-free, relying on CSS to create appealing to both website visitors and search engines alike is not a common skill. Our programmers are experts in creating SEO optimized content management solutions.

    Creative Graphic Design

      • If your website does not stand out and grab a visitor’s attention then no matter how well the site ranks, if the customers do not stay, its not going to result in sales. Our graphic designers can create websites that have the WOW factor and still excel in the search engines.

    Web Friendly Copywriting

      • Creating copyright and content that is both appealing to search engines and website visitors is challenging. Understanding and maintaining keyword densities, maintaining the website visitor’s attention with the purpose of increasing sales, and still producing content that search engines will value and rank high is a juggling act. With years of experience and quality writers, we are able to help you.

    Website Promotion

      • How do you get the search engines to notice you? How do you get search engines to value you? Over the years we have experimented with numerous techniques and know what it takes to get results.

    Corporate Site Positioning

    • Specializing in corporate Internet marketing and promotion – we can increase the position of your website on the Internet. By providing excellent creative graphic design, web friendly copywrite and the cement to hold it together (website programming), we are your choice for corporate site search engine positioning.