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CRM Software System Consultants

The CRM Consultants at Quality Integrity have over 25 years experience working with Saleslogix CRM, Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM and other top 10 CRM software systems. Whether Saleslogix CRM, Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM are the best solution for your company, understanding your companies CRM software needs has never been more important. At Quality Integrity our clients’ needs always determine what CRM solution is right for them. When top CRM Software solutions such as Microsoft CRM and SalesForce CRM are implemented correctly they help track your companies activities and how they are tied to your bottom line. Selecting the wrong CRM software solution can cost your company lost sales, implementation costs, lack of company wide adoption and the inability to deliver the reports that help you make the right business decisions.

Our CRM Software consulting services include:

  • Analyzing your company needs to help you select the right CRM.
  • Customizing your CRM software for maximum effectiveness & accurate reporting.
  • Implementing your CRM software. Saving you both time & money.
  • Training your team for maximum adoption rates.
  • Supporting your CRM software. Technical & user support available.
  • Working with Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM and other top 10 CRM software.

At Quality Integrity our CRM consultants will assess your business needs in detail using our ‘CRM Design Audit’ a unique process of understanding your businesses CRM software needs. Our experiences include working with CRM software programs Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM, Saleslogix CRM and other leading CRM platforms. Once the best CRM solution is selected we customize the CRM solution so it works specifically for our clients, training the users to maximize adoption rates while provide ongoing technical and user customer support.

More about our CRM selection process

Business needs & objectives should always drive what CRM software solution they use. A proper CRM business audit is critical and helps companies select the RIGHT crm solution the first time.

Jonathan Schloo, President

Compare Top CRM Solutions

Compare Top CRM SolutionsHere is an unbiased look at the best CRM solutions available on the market today.
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How it works

  1. Choose your CRM Solution

    You need the best CRM tool Management want bottom line, Service needs fast information sharing, Reps want wins with competitive advantage…
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  2. Training for maximum impact

    CRM on-site group training
    CRM on-site group training 1 on 1 online training and our support formula gets you quick, affordable CRM with 97% rep compliance.
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  3. Customize for perfect fit

    Imagine the CRM you always wanted
    Imagine the CRM you always wanted We’ll give you that. One as flexible as your company, with the right reports to show you where to bend, move, and change.
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7 Step Process

  • Support and Innovate

  • Report and Forecast

  • Training and Engage Users

  • Plan, Design and Build

  • Choose Expert Recommendations

  • Execute Demo and Prototype

  • Assess & Diagnose

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