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The Internet is full of comparison sites, Google Ads entice you to try our competitors, here are the simplified, at a glance top reasons to select Saleslogix CRM and contact Saleslogix CRM Canadian experts to help plan via a CRM Design Audit, Saleslogix implementation, Saleslogix support, and Saleslogix training. is the leader in on-demand CRM.

  • cannot address the CRM requirements of companies that wish to house sensitive customer data internally.
  • does not provide companies with equally robust access to information in a disconnected or mobile access scenario. enables high levels of user adoption

  • A study carried out in 2005 by Nucleus Research suggested that 38% of the companies using were considering moving to another solution.
  • With nearly 3 million CRM customers across its products, Swiftpage Saleslogix has over 3 times as many CRM customers as provides a low-complexity service that allows users to focus on core business issues, rather than IT considerations, and drive productivity gains

  •’s limited feature set, particularly around marketing automation and customer support, presents significant process bottlenecks for information workers, requiring them to manually move information from to another application e.g. reliance on MS Word for mail merge functionality. This reduces productivity. provides a secure, scalable and reliable delivery platform

  • Highly publicized service outages exposed’s vulnerability to unplanned service interruption. The company was forced to carry out an urgent upgrade of its infrastructure. It also launched, a site that reports on SDFC performance and availability, in an effort to push back on the negative press coverage. brand recognition and corporate viability

  • Sage has 20 years more experience than in the business applications market.
  • Sage and its partners have deep business applications knowledge, encompassing both CRM and ERP applications.
  • Sage is ranked the #2 CRM provider globally by Gartner and #1 SMB CRM supplier compared to’s #4 ranking. is perceived to provide ease-of-deployment and ease-of-ongoing-administration

  • only delivers a framework and the basics of SFA, therefore companies with functional needs beyond generic sales force automation will require IT capabilities, either internally or externally-sourced, to deploy and integrate.
  • For companies that would like to tailor the solution to meet their unique requirements, Saleslogix provides ease of customization and integration to make it easy.

Perception that provides a lower total-cost-of-ownership

  • Other than the actual product installation of Saleslogix, the cost of implementation is about equal between the two products.
  • Gartner estimates that companies using will incur significant additional cost for more complex integration and customization requirements.

Perception that provides functional breadth through AppExchange

  • AppExchange is an online marketplace rather than a certified partner development program. does not guarantee the security or quality of solutions on AppExchange; the publisher of an application is responsible for its capabilities and behavior.
  • Most ISVs in the AppExchange are relatively unknown and prone to instability. In fact, the AppExchange was down for two days recently. ( )
  • By contrast, the Saleslogix Technology Partner Program ensures that Swiftpage customers benefit from an extensive, global community of partners supported by application testing and joint project partnerships.

Lack of deployment choice

  • is only provided as a hosted service.
  • customers are exposed to specific risks associated with external hosting that may impact on the performance and availability of their CRM solution, or the integrity of their data.
  • Saleslogix offers deep, rapid customization capabilities, a rich user experience, and a low TCO across Windows, Web, and Mobile deployment.

Weak offline client

  • The offline client uses a different interface to the online client.
  • Customization cannot be used in the offline client.
  • offline users are restricted in the amount of information that they can take offline.

Weak integration with MS Outlook and MS Office

  • Contacts must exist in both MS Outlook and before they can be synchronized.
  • Attachments to Outlook emails cannot be tracked in
  • By contrast, Saleslogix provides tight integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office and provides for spreadsheets and documents to be attached to Saleslogix contacts.
  • Exporting reports to Excel in Saleslogix is carried out through a single click.
  • Mail merges can be carried out within Saleslogix.

Lack of effective marketing automation

  • provides only basic marketing automation functionality which is largely focused on lead tracking and return-on-investment campaign analysis rather than the full campaign management and orchestration.
  • Saleslogix provides a comprehensive marketing automation platform incorporating full campaign planning, execution and tracking. Marketing groups; dynamic or static, are created through easy-to-use segmentation tools. Mass email programs are deployed and tracked within Saleslogix. User-defined reports can be created with ease. Campaign performance can be tracked against multiple criteria with full drill-down into budget.

Weaknesses in customer satisfaction

  • High customer churn.
  • At-risk customer base.
  • Customers site reliability of access, as well as heavy restrictions and limitations as the reasons for dissatisfaction.

Weaknesses for the user

  • Usability & Organization – Counter-intuitive interface – With users have to scroll pages back and forth and use multiple clicks to try to find the information they need.
  • Sales process capability limited.
  • Users cannot effectively work with Groups or Lists.
  • Inaccurate and irrelevant data.
  • Weaknesses with mail merge.

Inability to reinforce best practices

  • The ability to document and repeat a sales process is a vital component of CRM success and overall sales effectiveness.
  • The sales process capability of relies on the end-user to modify drop-down menus as certain steps are completed. This lack of automation can lead to gaps in the process and can cause process bottlenecks.

Inability to track complex sales opportunities

  • The most difficult aspect of managing complex opportunities is understanding and tracking the complex interweaving of relationships within a prospect account.
  • only allows you to track parent-child relationships between accounts and contacts, as opposed to tracking any type of relationship that one account may have with another.

Developer weaknesses

  • Sandbox is their answer for a development environment.
  • Expensive customization and integration.
  • cannot be easily configured out-of-the-box.

Limited business intelligence solution

  • Salesforce provides limited out-of-the-box business intelligence capabilities. More advanced capabilities are available through AppExchange partners.
  • Salesforce requires IT to make significant changes to the solution.
  • Saleslogix Visual Analyzer is the only tool that allows for offline analysis.

SaleLogix is expensive to implement.

  • Swiftpage offers flexible per-user and external access licensing options so every employee does not need a full license details:
  • Sage CRM Solutions gives product selection at all price points
  • Saleslogix offers concurrent use, Web viewers, Mobile-only
  • requires full user license for all employees
  • Integration requires full user licenses for all who access the data
  • Saleslogix offers favorable 2-3 year TCO
  • counters with low cost of entry but always requires at least one-year agreement
  • will add large, monthly fees for extra data storage
  • Saleslogix offers development, backup, and staging servers at no cost
  • Salesforce Sandbox is trivial test environment with limited value
  • Saleslogix offers a superior feature set across Sales, Marketing, Service, Support offers no easy migration path for getting your data out.

  • Your data is held on their systems and if you move to another vendor there is no easy migration path out for your data. Salesforce makes it very difficult to migrate to another solution by making it difficult to take ownership of your own company data. With Saleslogix, customers always own their data. lacks critical tools to ensure data quality.

  • requires 3rd party solutions for these capabilities, requiring additional out-of-pocket expense. These key capabilities are included out-of-the-box with Saleslogix, eliminating the additional expense required by Salesforce. has limited mobile and offline capabilities.

  • provides an offline client; Mobile, which is a limited local version, viewed in a browser, of its main CRM interface. Offline sync preferences are cumbersome to configure and the number of contacts, leads, accounts, tasks, opportunities and events that can be taken offline is limited. Additional limitations include:
  • Inconsistent user interface between online and offline application
  • Offline users only have access to some of, but not all, the functionality in the online product.
  • Customizations do not apply generally
  • AppExchange does not apply
  • Allows only 500 account records in XML format on local hard drive
  • Poor mobile application (Sendia Platform) is not intuitive or richly customizable
  • Have to install software is costly to customize and reliant on the Sandbox environment.

  • cannot be easily configured out-of-the-box.
  • During the rollout of at Cisco, integration issues significantly delayed the implementation.
  • With Salesforce, customizations must be recreated in the production environment. By contrast, with Saleslogix customizations are easily bundled and deployed to relevant users without any additional development or testing requirements.