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We work with the top 10 CRM’s because they have a broad range of features, functions, capabilities and user base to deliver the promise of CRM long term.

  • The Best CRM Services since 1986. Listening, Learning, Leading.
  • Delivered top 10 CRM Systems successfully for over 700+ organizations
  • Trained thousands of Managers and Reps to get the most from existing CRM
  • Reports you desire, defined and created with best practices to drive your business
  • We identify exactly what CRM solution, CRM consulting, training, and support you need

We have seen many small, vertical and niche CRM software publishers and online CRM services discontinued in this economy, so it is not worth the risk of choosing the wrong one or having to switch later. Some CRM software manufactures dislike our strong unbiased neutrality because they sometimes lose CRM product sales, monthly crm subscription sales and market share. We always align ourselves with the needs of YOU the customer and our people, not the CRM companies that often utilize high pressure sales techniques, selling CRM franchises, territories, dealerships, partner programs, kickbacks, certifications, force quotas, licenses, subscriptions and crm software as a services saas with deceptive pricing.

Thanks to Q & I for helping us not only in the development, but also during the ongoing support and training to ensure its success.
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We are simply effective CRM Consultants with some of the brightest most experienced CRM consultants around who leverage their experience to get you to market faster, with precise predictable delivery to boost your performance productivity, sales and service. Our vast CRM consultant insight and deep CRM and business knowledge, provides the optimum blend of skills: supported by industry best practices, insightful tools, and methodologies that reduce the cost and risk of CRM deployments.

From beginning to end we are with you every step of the way. We want you to succeed as all our implementations do, and it shows in everything we do. Collaborating and working together with your available resources you get the best minds together with real hands-on experience to help solve your business challenges.