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Improve your CRM sales process. Make it faster and more predictable.

Our CRM integration process starts with a thorough analysis of your business needs. The process of selecting a CRM software solution is very time consuming and demanding thus, stressing the importance of integrating the right CRM solution the first time. Our CRM audit helps map out a plan, giving you a clear blue print of everything you need to maximize the return and results your investors require.

CRM Audit: Understanding your business needs.

Step 1When you work with our CRM audit team, we get to know you. We meet with management, reps, key stakeholders, and IT consecutively to methodically review field by field your company’s process requirements. We document each parties needs, while balancing the soft side benefits of “What is in it for me’ and “for all interested parties and divisions within your company. CRM can be successful when the focus is placed on people and processes involved with decision making.

Analyzing your information.

Step 2We look at and assess all current systems including databases, spreadsheets, backend feeds and CRM security needs as well as productivity processes, communication tools and system infrastructure.

Determine the best CRM.

Step 3We base our recommendations on our CRM audit information. These include CRM cost, size of sales force, service personnel, and system requirements but most importantly, out of the box functionality and rigorous prototyping. Without rigorous methodical planning and prototyping, you will never receive the potential return on an effective CRM that fits you perfectly.

Customize your Reports.

Step 4We customize and deliver your strategic objectives by working with you to determine the requirements that meet both management teams and reps reporting needs. We give you the right information at the right time, with the flexibility so you can change them as your business needs and market changes.

Integrate your CRM Solution.

Step 5Considering the high cost and time invested when integrating a CRM solution, we create a CRM project plan with the correct quality assurance tests to ensure your CRM project is delivered on time, on spec and on budget. Working hand in hand with our highly experienced CRM implementation team, allows companies to leverage our experience and proven CRM integration skill set. CRM innovation happens when you configure IT assets to help the business win.

Training your Team.

Step 6CRM training is the second most important factor in keeping sales reps honest and getting the management reports you desire. Our experienced CRM training team speeds user adoption, increases compliance and multiplies the return on your CRM investment faster. Functional group training, followed by our unique approach, achieves 97% compliance.

Support your CRM Solution.

Step 7When you need a CRM expert, we are there regardless of the need. Whether it is a technical question or a need to optimize sales or service operations; whether it is a need to transform your business and/or improve CRM productivity and processes. Our CRM support is designed to make your CRM experience a smooth one.

Customer Sales FunnelIntegrating a CRM software solution is a significant investment for any company. At Quality Integrity, our CRM Audit will remove the guesswork and provide a sound plan for your business to ensure that you integrate the right CRM, and that your CRM is working for you. Call Quality Integrity today before integrating your CRM solution.