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Imagine your CRM solution storing and delivering the data that your team needs to help you sell faster and manage better with real insight. Whether you are using Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM or Saleslogix the primary function of any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution or product is to cut the cost of acquiring, serving and retaining customers. We help make CRM dreams a reality. If you are not sure which CRM solution is right for your organization, our CRM Audit will help you.

Quality Integrity helped us keep our sales guys honest, on track & accountable
-Computer Systems Corporation
The naked truth is CRM often fails, but when implemented correctly, it empowers your team to naturally focus on the most important activities forming the deepest relationships creating the highest return
- Jonathan Schloo

The right CRM solution saves you time, generating focused dashboards and actionable accurate reports to drive your business; pulling together all your contacts, opportunities, email, documents, quotes, proposals, spreadsheets, presentations, sales and service materials. CRM reduces the risk of losing customers by allowing everyone in your team to speak withone voice and know a complete history of every interaction. Still not sure which CRM product is right for your business? Why not book a Microsoft CRM or SalesForce CRM demo?

What are my CRM software & product choices?

Please keep in mind that a CRM software solution may sound like a great fit however, based on experience, looks can be deceiving. Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM and Saleslogix CRM are all great CRM products however based on your business needs one will naturally stand out as the best solution for your organization. Book a CRM Audit to help you determine which CRM software product is the best fit for your company.

Available CRM Solutions

  • Saleslogix CRM CloudSaleslogix CRM Solution and cloud CRM is ideal for business to business sales, complex sales, where more than one buyer and seller is involved, or where sales staff have used ACT before because it was invented by the same developer; software with ultimate flexibility. More
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRMMicrosoft CRM is a great software solution for sales teams between 5 to 500 people. The Microsoft CRM solution has integrated reporting features and is very easy to use because it works like Outlook. More
  • SalesforceSalesforces CRM’s aggressive features for an online CRM are now starting to escape the trap of SalesForce Automation. SalesForce CRM with a Force platform is trying to compete with Google and Microsoft Development tools. When looking at Salesforce CRM watch for data control issues; additional scrolling, extra fine print charges, bandwidth, storage, and over buying expensive editions for simple features that lock you into a set number of users even if you do not need them. More
  • GoldmineAn early leader in Contact Management; helping medium sized sales organizations turn their contacts into gold. Synchronization issues and cross version, have been a reoccurring SFA issue balanced off by the low entry cost point. More
  • SugarCRMSugar CRM freeware, shareware or paidware as a hosted server, has some of the lowest costs for a user community enriched product that is replacing many overpriced SF and SAS CRM. More
  • ACTThe largest contact manager with 3 million users; has successfully grown to cover teams of up to 10 users with many of the basic features of a true CRM growing out of its contact manager roots. More
  • Oracle Siebel CRMTied with SAP in being best suited for enterprises with thousands of employees; often seen as a module of ERP or Accounting systems; it has great integration with other Oracle developed products; expect complex and long implementation times. Ideal if you have a large IT department with extra time.
  • Outlook CRMOutlook CRM is often another name for the New Microsoft CRM Online or On Premise Microsoft CRM.
  • SAPKnown for quality coding and big blue chip company appeal; SAP is what many international 1000+ CRM software user companies run, because it is so well connected to SAP ERP tools.

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