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Our highly experienced CRM support team can connect with you over the phone and internet instantly. Seamlessly sharing screens and working together to resolve support issues quickly. Our CRM support services include Microsoft CRM support, SalesForce CRM support, Saleslogix support as well as other top 10 CRM slutions. With support offices in USA and Canada, we can be at your offices when required. For our European, Asian and Australian implementations we have dedicated support teams there, so wherever you are we can offer you CRM support.

….one of your technical support teams gave us a heads up on an issue that the software vendor had not mentioned. With that heads up we were able to properly prepare for the upgrade. It saved us countless hours of work and frustration. Now that’s what I call support!
-Brass Ring Career Events

What CRM software do we support?

CRM support is available for Microsoft CRM, Salesforce CRM, Saleslogix, Act & Sage CRM, Sugar CRM and more.

The QI CRM Proactive Support Plan

Are you unhappy with your existing CRM support? Get a Quality Integrity Proactive Support Plan and receive a Free Assessment & Diagnostic or 1 month free with your 12 month subscription starting at only $495 per month. You get rapid and remote support from our knowledgeable team for training, programming, importing data, report creation and dashboards, systems integration implementation and much more. Whether you need Microsoft CRM support or SalesForce CRM support our consultants have the expertise to help you maximize your investment.

4 common client support issues:

1. “How do I get my reports to send me the right information?”
2. “How do I……. with our CRM software?”
3. “I know we can get more out of our CRM, how do we do it?”
4. “Another CRM error! Can you help me?”

Thanks to our 25 years of successfully serving CRM customers, our vast knowledge base, processes, and resources give our CRM support great value and make it affordable for our clients. Having supported Microsoft CRM, SalesForce CRM and Saleslogix we use the best support practices learnt from all CRMs. We work together with your internal resources to effectively reduce the cost of CRM support allowing us to manage the difficult tasks, yet leverage your internal talent for more efficiency. If you are in need of Microsoft CRM support or SalesForce CRM support our team is here to help! Book a free CRM support assessment today!

CRM Support services: Why use Quality Integrity?

  • Cost Effective support plans
  • 24/7 friendly & fast over the phone service
  • Extensive working knowledge of the top 10 CRM software packages
  • Assisted over 700 Corporate CRM Customers and served thousands of individual end clients quickly achieve their goals

Quality Integrity CRM support is often chosen by CRM publishers and vendors to rectify even the toughest CRM failures.