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Bread Crumb
  • CRM Audit: Understanding your business needs
  • Analyzing your information.
  • Determine the best CRM.
  • Customize your Reports.
  • Integrate your CRM Solution.
  • Training your Team.
  • Support your CRM Solution.

On-site Design Audit & Prototype

The On-Site Design Audit & Prototype takes 2 days and requires booking in advance. Highlights include:

  • Schema with high level data import mapping to preserve existing data
  • Key business workflow processes
  • Business objectives, key requirements, goals and direction, required fields
  • Existing systems structure, review new systems structure and productivity tools
  • Brief overview of back office, accounting and data feed integration needs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Goals with measurable reporting return on investment scoping
  • Complete Roll out plan
  • Blueprint Report with well estimated costs, timelines, and responsibilities

After using or choosing a highly adaptive, flexible, and powerful CRM Mobile software solution, the next step to high user adoption and return on investment is the Design Audit and Prototype.

To start with, think about your current technologies used for storing leads, prospects, customers, opportunities, associated activities and history and how sales, marketing, customer service, and managers interact with the data. What are the most common requests and wish list items and can these be solved with Outlook Excel, the existing CRM system, an old unsupported or even no CRM solution?

With Your On Site Design Audit we investigate and analyze your needs, your current deployed systems and their interaction with your CRM solution or CRM needs and how they will integrate with analysis provided. The Design Audit teams have almost 3 Decades of CRM experience and will expertly advise on the solution that will achieve the highest ROI through better reports, pipeline visibility, and user adoption and Increase your Sales.

On-site / Virtual Design Audit

In the On-site or Virtual Design Audit we consider:

  • 2 days with you, Takes approximately 4 hours with your executive team creating your CRM vision and goals. Then we meet with your top managers and reps in each functional area understanding needs and figuring out “What is in it for me as a rep?” Other team and support teams are included.
  • Customization needs
  • Implementation Plan
  • CRM Training requirements
  • Reports, Goals with measurable reporting requirements
  • Security guidelines
  • Technical requirements, Hardware compatibility check and detailed scoping
  • Key system and Back office integration review (ERP, Accounting, data feeds, etc.)
  • Schema with high level data import mapping (preserves your existing data)
  • Prototype customized database as required
  • Workflow processes for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Complete Rollout plan, Blueprint Report with accurate costs, timelines, and responsibilities
  • Timelines and investment summary
  • Recommended steps
  • Priority Growth Support Program

At the completion of the design audit the choice is yours on how to proceed. The detailed thoroughness of the Design Audit means that your company can move forward with implementing your CRM solution immediate. With your business requirements process formally outlined, we can work with your team, even if initially a bit more conceptual then factual, the Design Audit process will serve as a guide through the next step.

A Design Audit and Prototype commences with a discussion of your business objective, key requirements, goals and direction, and database fields required in the CRM and workflow solution. From there our CRM Design Audit experts will analyze your existing system structure, infrastructure requirements, workflow, productivity, data conversion procedures and reporting tools. With this analysis complete, we produce a screen design prototype, customized based on your business needs to ensure industry leading end-user adoption.

Design Audit Benefits

Benefits of Performing a Design Audit

  • The need for equipment and/or systems to be “fit for purpose” prior to subscribing, buying or financing a CRM
  • The need to identify potential risks and benefits
  • To maximize standardization across various product ranges
  • To update a product/service to reflect changing customer needs and advances in technology
  • To introduce new innovations and grow as a business
  • To achieve cost reductions, higher end user adoption, better reports, pipeline visibility and higher ROI
  • Increase Sales Significantly
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Additional Design Audit resources can be found at Design Audit and Prototype, Design Audit Questions and Answers and 7 Steps of a CRM Design Audit.

What is a Design Audit?

What is involved in a Customer Relationship Management Design Audit

User - Quality Integrity to Management to Information Technologies

Full Design Audits onsite start at 2 days and $4800. Systems typically are $50 per month to $5000 per Rep Total Cost of Ownership and it takes 6 days to 6 months before sustained increase in sales, profit and significant positive return on investment. Our clients say again and again Design Audits are the best way to start.

We have highly experienced very rare exclusive CRM experts on our team, good name and fair prices, even competitors recommend us, “and a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”, so we choose our clients carefully and cannot accept all that want to be our clients to insure Quality. Not only are we the largest CRM rescue and recovery center for people who have tried SFA and CRM, we have hard to find experience delivering the promise of strategic sales systems, SFA, CRM, Mobile CRM right the first time for decades Since 1986.

30 Day Pilot Project Option

Understand your Business like Never Before

You will now discover what your business needs to profit and succeed. Your Design Audit connects you with a Senior Systems Architect, who has over 20 years experience with a team of professionals industry’s best practices. Design Audit combines your business knowledge with our technical know-how to optimize and create a clear Road Map. You will experience a live diagnostic of your current system, and a review of ongoing issues and improvements required. To save your time, a wish list of needs, problems, and major goals.

Promotion - Deployment, Strategy, Development - Support & Maintenance_round

Book your Design Audit

Book your Design Audit – Get a clear understanding of your Business

You will take away a clear understanding of what it will do, and how it will best satisfy your business requirements. This Method adds considerable depth and experience to the planning and design of your new system. It is ideal if you want to correct previous failed attempts, or do it right the first time with Quality Integrity. Due to the high demand it is recommended that you schedule your Design Audit now, call 1-800-750-4660.

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