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It’s hard to find Goldmine CRM consultant with the depth and decades of experience that our team has.  Regardless of whether you want to improve or upgrade your Goldmine or switch to another more popular CRM we can help.  Often starting with support and training is all you need for smaller implementations.  If you have more than 10 people and more complex needs it is time for a Design Audit to get on the right path.

Goldmine CRM is one of the oldest contact managers on the market. 15 or 20 years ago it was one of the top three. Goldmine similar to Act, built its user base 1,2,3,4,5 users at a time. A few years ago the most popular version of Goldmine was discontinued as the new owners made efforts to move upmarket and get clients with more users. Goldmine lost a lot of its momentum when it was taken over by a company that focused on a different type of software. Goldmine synchronization or gold sync has experienced a fair amount of difficulties over the years. Good Goldmine consulting and consultants are now harder to find due to expiry date issues with the product.

Goldmine’s total cost of ownership has been extremely low because the stability of versions and the initial low entry point. Today people with Goldmine are considering upgrading to other more modern and more popular feature-rich CRM programs. This is not always the best option and a thorough review of your CRM needs with your Goldmine customizations in your plans, is the best first step.

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