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CRM Strategy is direct, purchased, on demand, or Siebel.   Years of experience allow us to offer integration to Oracle feeds and CRM, but also offer other CRM’s running on a true Oracle database backend.   This often provides a much more robust dedicated CRM feature set at a lower cost than an Oracle CRM direct option.    We often help people switch to or from Siebel or Oracle CRM based on their changing needs and desires to cut costs and consolidate.  Defining pragmatically the best CRM strategy is what we often do to start with the Design Audit.

A few years ago Oracle beat Siebel. Back in the 1990’s Siebel was the largest most common enterprise-wide CRM available. Its powerful features, robust database engine, and aggressive marketing gave it unparalleled enterprise CRM market share. Unfortunately due to the size of many Siebel projects, implementations and integrations, these projects took years to develop, and by the time they were delivered, were not always matching current user expectations. Siebel like SAP CRM, is well worth considering if you have more than 1000 people that will need to use CRM inside your company.