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Honest answers to all your CRM questions

Bread Crumb

These CRM reviews can help you find the best product for your company.

1. SugarCRM

It is definitely on the top of this list! Sugar’s functionality includes sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting. According to CRM reviews the Sugar open-source code has been downloaded more than 3 million times. More than 12,000 companies use SugarCRM including Honeywell International, Starbucks Corp., First Federal Bank and BDO Seidman LLP.

2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Its key features explain why it is on the top of the list: it can be used for ticket management, service contract management, activities & communications, web customer portal, back-office integration, configuration & workflow, reporting, notification & alerts. It keeps customers satisfied with its customer service automation capabilities improving completely the customer support experience.

3. MS Outlook CRM

MS Outlook CRM is also a widely used CRM product. Its easy adaptability with your employees and customers make it an easy -to -use software and it also goes well with the existing processes of your business. You can easily make changes on data entries, and application forms as well. It has enhanced sales, service and marketing functionality compared to MS Outlook, and you will also experience improved email functionality if you use it. With this CRM software you can share your Outlook address book across the network and also Outlook tasks. It has a much easier approval and adoption than other CRM systems and it is a cost savings with product.

10. Salesforce is easy to configure, customize and store data. It improves sales, attracts and retains customers, increases employee productivity, generates more accurate sales forecasting and increases customer sales and satisfaction in general.

5. Goldmine CRM

Here are some of its benefits: integration with HEAT service & support, unique marketing automation features, complete company-wide visibility and more. Its integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and ExchangeRemote data access or with HEAT Service & Support software prove that it is a great relationship management software suite.


This program will help you analyze, plan, develop, and execute all marketing activities through all customer interaction points in a much easier way than before. It helps marketers with complete business insights, urging you to make intelligent business decisions. Its main focus is to acquire, grow, and retain profitable relationships with functionality for sales planning and forecasting.

7. Sage CRM

Sage CRM has a lot of tools and functions to help your sales team. It helps identifying sales opportunities, manage leads and automate much of the sales process. It also helps with common sales tasks such as lead follow ups or producing quotations.

8. Saleslogix

Saleslogix CRM will manage, oversee, and supervise all aspects of the sales cycle in a fast way. It also monitors and forecast sales activities. Thanks to this software you will quickly find detailed account and contact information. It can also report on sales activities and performance that can be changed according to the specific needs and reporting requirements of your business.


ACT has millions of users worldwide. Using ACT will help you sell more efficiently applying sales methodologies, increase cross selling, report and forecast more accurately and stabilize with Microsoft SQL or Oracle IT infrastructure.

10. Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM is an industry recognized leader in CRM. Oracle provides complete CRM: more than 20 industry tailored solutions, embedded real-time business intelligence, end-to-end business processes and the broadest choice of deployment options.